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Helpful Resources for Creating a Personal Regimen

  • Insight Meditation Timer: Free app featuring guided meditations, meditation time, & more

  • Calm: Guided meditations for all levels, applications; enjoy 25% off thanks to thanks to Dr. Jennifer Huberty, my Calm contact

  • Expectful: Guided meditation for fertility, pregnancy, & motherhood, 2w free trial

  • Circle & Bloom Guided fertility meditation

  • 7-minute workout: Great for at-home, bodyweight exercises

  • Udaya: Streaming online yoga & meditation classes

    • Simply go to go to: Classes> ASU Research> Women’s Health & enter discount code "ASUxUdaya" [Thanks again to Dr. Jennifer Huberty, my ASU contact]

  • Clue: Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calendar

  • Environmental Working Group: Get info on the “Dirty12” and the “Clean15” foods, best sunscreens and many other useful facts on toxins in our food, environment, and products.

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