Dr. Lewis worked for several years in the field of community mental health before relocating to the Pacfic NW for medical school. She is a graduate of Bastyr University and completed a 2-year post-graduate training program in integrative women’s health. She has been credentialed by NAMS as a certified menopause practitioner, ABORM as a fellow of oriental reproductive medicine, and PSI in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Lewis is the only integrative physician to have achieved this combination of education & training.

Dr. Lewis has been in clinical practice since 2003 with a special focus on women’s health; emphasizing nutrition and exercise in health maintenance and disease prevention and treatment.  She specializes in hormonal changes, including, but not limited to, menstrual disorders, mood issues, weight gain, fertility/contraception, vaginal health and sexual concerns for women of all ages.  With an emphasis on physical health and mental wellbeing in preconception, prenatal, postpartum, and post-childbearing, her goal is for all women to flourish throughout their reproductive lifecycle.

Dr. Lewis is frequently suggesting yoga, meditation and acupuncture to patients reporting a large array of physical, emotional, and stress-related concerns. The barrier always seems to be the same thing: Time. With the demands of work, friends, & family, it can be difficult to carve out time to dedicate to yourself for self-care, however, it is a necessity.

In 2018, she completed yoga teacher training in an attempt to provide patients with these three scientifically-proven modalities to improve overall health and wellness for women in one convenient setting. It is her goal to create a light-hearted, healing environment focused on the individual needs of her students.  As always, Dr Lewis prides herself in providing care to all women, in an LGBTQ & baby friendly environment.


Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
Masters of Science in Acupuncture

Bastyr University, Seattle, WA

Residency – Integrative Women’s Health
National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR

Bachelors of Science in Psychology & Philosophy
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner
North American Menopause Society

Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Medicine (FABORM)
American Board of Oriental Medicine

PSI Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Certification
Postpartum Support International

200 Registered Yoga Teacher Certification
Angie Hall Yoga

20 Hour Prenatal Yoga Certification
Spirit of Yoga


American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Maternity Acupuncture Association


4545 N. 36th Street #100, Phoenix, AZ, 85018





Fees and Insurance


*Acupuncture at Arcadia Women’s Wellness is done in a “semi-private” setting. Patients are encouraged to bring ear phone to listen to meditations or music of their choice on their cell phones. Please check the resources page for meditation suggestions.

  • Payment is expected at time of service. Documentation can be provided with the necessary medical codes for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement or to utilize HSA funds if you choose. Please note that reimbursement cannot be guaranteed and deductibles may apply; it is recommended you contact your insurance company for more information.

    • New Patients: Integrative medicine and/or Acupuncture- 60 minutes, $150;

    • Return Patients: Integrative medicine and/or Acupuncture - 30-45 minutes, $90,

    • Acupuncture Packages can be purchased in 5 ($400) or 10 ($750) acupuncture session bundles, and as described below:

      • Acupuncture for IVF: includes 3 weekly sessions before embryo transfer, day of transfer acupuncture at fertility clinic, and one session after transfer: $500

      • Acupuncture for IVF (brief): includes 1 session before embryo transfer, day of transfer acupuncture at fertility clinic, and one session after transfer: $350

      • Acupuncture for 3rd-4th trimester transitions: includes 3 labor prep acupuncture sessions in 3rd TM & 2 post-partum home visits: $500

  • Complimentary 15 minute consults are available by phone or in-person.

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for same day visits or changes to scheduled appointments..

  • Home visits and phone appointments may be available upon request.

  • REFILLS: Please contact your pharmacy for refills

  • PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of fertility medicine, re-scheduling may need to occur at times to accommodate embryo transfers; rest assured, every effort will be made to accommodate you should this occur.

  • Contact Us if you have questions or would like additional information on pricing.